Run-Archery is a sport discipline, connecting archery with cross country running. It is similar to the sport of biathlon and was developed during the 1990s by European archery associations. Since year 2000, some countries like Russia, the Netherlands and Germany are organizing annual national championships. In 2003 run-archery was officially admitted as a discipline of the World Archery Federation. Historic origins have been getting food by hunting as well as military conflicts. That´s why run-archery can be seen as one of the oldest human occupations. During the last years, run-archery has been re-discovered and became a dynamically developing sport disciplin that unites people from all over the world. Teams of athletes from Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, USA, France, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Hungary, Japan, Ukraine, Canada, and Great Britain are participating in international competitions. These competitions have had great success in public and are held at high organizational level. They are an significant impulse for further development of this young discipline and increased its presence in the media. Especially the Russian archery federation is doing great efforts for establishing and developing run-archery as a new discipline in archery sports.


Rules can differ in detail by country. In general, participants start with running and alternate between running and shooting series of arrows at a target. It is not relevant whether the target is hit in the center or at the edge. For each missed shot the athlete has to run a penalty loop. At the end, the fastest athlete wins. There are sprint competitions, long distance competitions and relay competitions. In Germany, runarchery is called Bogenlaufen, size and number of laps as well as the target size depend on age and bow type. The bow is carried during running, arrows can be left at the shooting range. 4 series of 3 arrows are shot in standing position. Conventional archery targets are used, foam-fall-down targets are considered to be established soon. You can find detailed rules here (in German) or in the invitation documents below. German Championships are organized by the German archery association DBSV only (not by WA-member organisation DSB). In Russia, rubber-fall-down-targets are used, that require semispherically rounded arrow points. Series of 4 arrows are shot in standing and kneeling position. In the Netherlands, foam-fall-down targets are used. 3 series of 3 arrows are shot in standing and kneeling position.

List of Run-Archery competitions with link to invitation

Wageningen Runarchery, Netherlands: 12. November 2016

Dutch Runarchery 2016 in Zoetermeer, Netherlands: 24. September

French Runarchery 2016: 18. September

German Runarchery 2016: 17.+18. September in Rinklingen, Baden-Württemberg

BSSA regional Runarchery, Germany: 10. September 2016

BVBW regional Runarchery, Germany: 17. July 2016

BSVH regional Runarchery in Bimbach, Germany: 3. July 2016

Apeldoorn Runarchery, Netherlands: 28. May 2016

Lübbenau regional Runarchery, Germany: 24. April 2016

Lichtenvoorde Runarchery, Netherlands: 23. April 2016

Werder/Havel regional Runarchery, Germany: 16. April 2016

Moscow region run-archery Championship, 25. October 2015, Ramenskoe, Russia results photos

Open Dutch Runarchery 26. September 2015 in Zoetermeer, Netherlands * * results cup-results photos report1 2

German Runarchery * * 19.+20. September 2015 in Berlin invitation results1 2 photos

ASSL Runarchery 20. September 2015, France report

Saxony-Anhalt regional Runarchery (BSSA) 12. September 2015 in Radegast, Germany *

Russian Runarchery 3.-6. September 2015 in Beloretsk, Bashkortostan, Russia results

Int. Runarchery Event 13.-17. August 2015 in Kaluga, Russia website facebook results 1.2 km m w 5 km relay video report1 2 3

Northwest Runarchery Classic 2. August 2015 in Washington, USA results

Baden-Württemberg regional Runarchery (BVBW) 18. July 2015 in Straßdorf, Germany * * results

Saxony youth Runarchery (SBV) 4. July 2015 in Leipzig, Germany * * *

Hesse regional Runarchery (BSVH) 31. May 2015, Germany * results

Apeldoorn/Wageningen Runarchery, 30. May 2015 Netherlands * * results finals qualification more video photos

Lichtenvoorde Runarchery, * 25. April 2015 Netherlands * * results finals qualification * photos

Werder / Havel regional Runarchery 18. April 2015, Brandenburg, Germany results report

Dutch Runarchery 2014 27. September in Zoetermeer, Netherlands results finals qualification * photos report

German Runarchery 2014 20.+21. September in Zepernick results report1 2 3 4 5 6 7 photos1 2

Saxony-Anhalt regional runarchery 13. September in Kuhfelde, Germany results report1 2 3

Russian Runarchery 6. September 2014 in Lyudinovo town, Russia results photos *

Runarchery of Kaluzhskiy region 5.+7. September, Russia results

Northwest Run-Archery Classic 27. July 2014 in Washington, USA results report photos

Baden-Württemberg regional Runarchery (BVBW) 5. July 2014 in Straßdorf, Germany results or here

Hesse regional Runarchery (BSVH) 5. July 2014 in Großenlüder-Bimbach, Germany results report

Runarchery of Veneux les Sablons (ASSL), France 29. June 2014 results photos

Khimki regional Runarchery * 27. April 2014, Moscow region, Russia results

Werder / Havel regional Runarchery 12. April 2014, Brandenburg, Germany results report

Dutch Runarchery 28. September 2013 in Zoetermeer, Netherlands results 2 video1 video2

Moscow regional Runarchery 22. September 2013, Russia results of qualification all men girls men youth children

Russian Runarchery 7. September 2013 in Rybinsk results +Demino roller-ski-archery 6. Sept results report1 2 video1 2 3 photos1 2

German Runarchery 2013 at MTV Dannenberg results individual relay photos1 2 3 4 report1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Hot’kovo regional Runarchery, Russia results photos

Baden-Württemberg / Rhineland-Palatinate regional Runarchery 2013 in Straßdorf, Germany results photos

Windrush Cross-Country Archery Challenge in Charlbury, Oxfordshire, UK

Khimki Youth Runarchery * 19. May 2013, Moscow region, Russia results photos

Dutch Runarchery 2012 * * in The Hague, Netherlands results 2 photos1 2 report1 2 video1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Moscow regional Runarchery 2012, Russia results photos

German Runarchery 2012 in Berlin results video1 2 3 photos1 2 report1 2 3 4 5 6

Open Russian Rollerski-Archery Championship 2012 results video1 2 3

Open Russian Run-Archery Championship 2012 official website results video1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 report

Tatarstan regional Runarchery 2012 in Yelabuga, Russia results video1 2 3 4 5

Saxony-Anhalt regional Runarchery 2012 in Wolfen, Germany results report1 2

Bashkortostan regional Runarchery 2012 in Beloretsk, Russia on 23rd August video1 2

Baden-Württemberg / Rhineland-Palatinate regional runarchery 2012 in Straßdorf, Germany results

Dutch Runarchery 2011 results

Russian Runarchery 2011 Rybinsk results

German Runarchery 2011 results video1 2 report1 2

Saxony-Anhalt regional Runarchery 2011 in Kuhfelde, Germany results report

Russian Runarchery 2010 Rybinsk results

German Runarchery 2010 results video report1 2

Saxony-Anhalt regional Runarchery 2010 in Kuhfelde, Germany results report1 2

Dutch Runarchery 2010 results seniors juniors sprint photos video1 2 3 4 5

Mayors cup regional Runarchery of Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, September 2010

Russian Runarchery 2009 Zlatoust results

German Runarchery 2009 results video report

Runarchery of Berlin 2009 report

Dutch Runarchery 2009 results photos

Russian Runarchery 2008 Khanty-Mansiysk results

German Runarchery 2008 results report

Dutch Runarchery 2008 results photos

Dutch regional championship 2008, Stroombroek, Netherlands results photos 2

Russian Runarchery 2007 in Yelabuga results

German Runarchery 2007 results report

Dutch Runarchery 2007 results juniors women men photos1 2

Brandenburg regional Runarchery in Schönow, Germany 15.9.2007 report

Russian Runarchery 2006

German Runarchery 2006 results

16th Runarchery of Berlin 2006 report

Dutch Runarchery 2006 results

Russian Runarchery 2005 in Izhevsk results

German Runarchery 2005 results

European cup 2005 in Apeldoorn, Netherlands results

Hesse regional championship 2005 in Neuental, Germany results

Russian Runarchery 2004 in Izhevsk results

German Runarchery 2004 results

European cup 2004 in Berlin, Germany results report

Russian Runarchery September 2003 in Kaluga

German Runarchery 2003 results

International Runarchery in Visegard, Hungary 2003 results

German Runarchery 2001 results

German Runarchery 2000 results

Moscow regional Runarchery October 1999 in Khimky town, Russia

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